Garage Door Spring Repair Glendale Heights Services for Your Broken Garage Door

Garage Door Spring Repair Glendale Heights Services for Your Broken Garage Door

Protecting your home and property is an important part of being a homeowner. While folks usually think about safety when checking out the front and back doors, garages are sometimes overlooked in that regard. However, a broken door is a good sign for criminals looking to rip someone off.

Garage door spring repair is the most common call that garage door specialists get. The springs are vital to the proper functioning of your door. The springs on the market are available in two varieties. One is the torsion spring and the others are extension springs.

Extension springs are the most common and sit above the upper horizontal tracks. When you begin opening the door the springs on either side extend, hence the name. This system should have safety cables in case the spring become detached.

On the other hand, torsion springs provide greater options and a higher price tag to match. However, these are stronger and safer than the extension springs, making them a preferred choice for those who can afford it.

Torsion springs have fewer exposed parts and supply greater balance when compared to extension springs. If you are planning to sell your home, a new garage door with top of the line torsion springs will provide a good return on your investment. For those who plan to stay in the home for the foreseeable future, a high-quality garage door will provide you with an added layer of security and peace of mind.

Have you already taken a look at the springs and determined which kind your garage door uses? Can you see a broken or disconnected one? If you are having difficulty getting the door to move smoothly it might be out of balance. You might also be viewing floor brackets that need a maintenance call.

Though you might be tempted to handle the garage door spring repair yourself, that is a dangerous choice. Both types of spring operate under extreme tension and can cause accidents if not managed correctly. The potential results include injury and even death to you or anyone else who is nearby.

However, our trained technicians can come to your home and install them for you. Each member of garage door repair Glendale Heights IL team has undergone rigorous instruction and have proven themselves capable of installation, maintenance and repair services for both types of systems.

Our repair rates depend on several factors, including the size and diameter of the spring, and start as low as $75 per spring. At the other end of the spectrum a new spring will only cost $135. Labor is $75 and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Keeping your home safe and in good repair will give you the peace of mind to sleep well each night. When you realize something is not right with your garage door, it is time to call a professional team to repair it for you. Whether you have extension or torsion springs, we are here to help you with our repair services. Contact us today to arrange for an appointment.

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